What Agreement Did Elie And His Father Reach

Eliezer and his father agree to take turns sleeping, and Eliezer stays awake first, watching the people around him sleep and die. He tries to wake up a neighbor, but the man refuses to follow his advice. Eliezer whispers in his father`s ear, and his father is frightened and tries to find out where he is. Then his father inexplicably smiled and Eliezer said he would always remember that smile. The episode about Rabbi Eliahu and his son alludes to Eliezer`s future attitude toward his father. When Eliezer realizes that the rabbi`s son wanted to free himself from a weak father who made his own survival difficult, he prayed to God: “My God, Lord of the universe, give me the strength to never do what Rabbi Eliasohu`s son did.” Eliezer takes the actions of Rabbi EliasOhu`s son as a warning to himself and as an example of what not to do. .