The Billionaire`s Baby Agreement Movie

The microwave beeps and I take out the bag of popcorn and pour it into a bowl. I go back to the living room with popcorn and have drinks. I`m sitting next to Jenny and I`m playing the movie. Watch IMDb`s highest-rated movies and TV shows in 2020, the most watched trailers, top stars, unforgettable moments and much more! You don`t need to waste your time endlessly browsing – here`s the whole selection of new movies and TV shows streaming this month on Netflix. Faith stops crying when she sees me going to the nursery. I`m going to see the DVDs on the shelf and release The Boss. I`ll show him. “How about that?” “You can relax.” I go on TV and turn it on. “What do you want to see?” He smiled and put his hand in mine.

“Dex Clarkson,” I`m going to hit him. “Why didn`t you tell me christa was with your parents?” I scream. “I didn`t want her to see my daughter.” “I wouldn`t ask if I wasn`t sure, Dex. Is it a yes or a no? Dex turns back to me. “I was hoping you would ask for help.” He takes me in his arms. “I`ll see you on Friday.” He comes out of the door. I approached my sister, took a fist full of hair and tore her up to the front door. I`ll open it and throw it out. “Get away from my daughter and me.

If I surprise you again around my daughter, I won`t hesitate to snatch the from you. I look at her one last look and scream. “I HATE YOU, CHRISTA.” I slam the door in her face and go back to Faith`s room. I shake my head. “I`m not ready for that, Dex.” I look at the magazine that`s on the kitchen table with Dex on it. “I don`t want the paparazzi to see me at your house again. “My children have a better place than this one, and I also live with the father of my children.” She turns to me. “It was great to see my niece at the family reunion today.” “Can we start all over again? Let`s forget about last month. I will reach out to him. “Hi, I`m Ava Montgomery.” “It doesn`t matter. She has more than enough clothes here. The alarm clock rings for dinner and I look at Dex. “Do you want to stay for dinner?” She tells Dex that my sister is coming. I don`t know how long she`s been sneaking into my place and looking at my daughter like this, but it gives me chills in the back.

I will no longer stay in this house. It`s not safe for my daughter and me. I serve dinner and put it in front of him. I`m sitting on the stool next to him. “Did you have fun with your mother?” I know how he feels. Most of the best memories I had during my pregnancy and this past year were about Dex.