Riverbend Apartments Lease Agreement

1 piece; Parking allocated. Carports offered by selected buildings for an additional 15 $US per month on the lease. I`m so sorry you`re had a bad experience here! I`m not sure if you still live here or not, but we haven`t had management since December 2017. Please visit our office to discuss your concerns. Customer service is our priority! The guarantors only guarantee the timely payment of all financial obligations arising from the rental agreement and their renewal for persons other than the students. Redefine your housing expectations when you experience quality, comfort and luxury in Riverbend, a quieter community in Salt Lake City. These newly renovated one- or two-bedroom homes are bright and spacious and feature pretty parquet floors and high windows that let in plenty of natural light. Find the perfect balance of style and functionality with interior installations such as lighting and designer fittings, large bedrooms with passable gutters and clean white cabinets that offer plenty of storage space. Each house also has a nest thermostat and fireplaces are available in some apartments, allowing you to stay comfortably throughout the year. Oh no! We are very disappointed to hear about your negative experience with us.

In our community, we always strive to provide our residents with top-notch customer service and we are deeply saddened to see that you feel we missed the mark. If you have specific maintenance issues or other concerns about the community, you can visit our office to speak to us in person. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can offer you the 5-star experience we know we are capable of. Hello! Thank you for drawing our attention to your concerns! We sincerely apologize for missing your calls, but we can assure you that our team works 24 hours a day to offer our residents 5-star stays. The comfort of our residents is our top priority, so we ask you to spend some time in the office talking in person to our management team. Thank you so much for your time, we look forward to the conversation with you! I thought it was a beautiful place of all these beautiful pictures, it turned out to be the worst thing that ever existed. The response time is 1 week to get the maintenance in your apartment. You have to call several times to fix something. The office staff is nice, but totally deceptive.

The upkeep or lack of maintenance is as negative as the rest of the staff. Of course, they are kind, until they get you to sign this lease, and the truth is revealed as soon as you need it to do something for you. I`m really thinking about paying the extra money to get out of this lease. Avoid stress and go elsewhere. You don`t care about your safety, it took 3 days to change a bulb in the breeze. There are no fire extinguishers anywhere, make sure you have tenant insurance. Oh my god! I`m sorry you`re unhappy. Please note that we changed direction in December 2017, so we all have new employees. If you have time, please come to our leasing office so that we can help you with any questions you need to address. Customer service is our top priority and we want to make sure you are happy to live here! These are the perfect apartments if you want to be close to what is happening in the surrounding towns without being in the middle. There is westland-the shopping center, canton shopping on Ford Road (IKEA), Livonia, Romulus airport, a few minutes from the highway. Although I live on one of the main roads, I like the fact that at night it is so quiet that I can sleep every night at the open window and not be disturbed by the noise of traffic that would stop me.

The buildings are nice and clean, there are two (2) pools to choose from and the fitness room equipment is well maintained. Overall, the perfect apartments. Standard leases are valid for one (1) year….