Can You Protest A Basic Ordering Agreement

In addition to opening up your possibilities of protest and appeal, the protest to the contract agent or the client has other advantages than directly with the GAO. The protest company can often save extra time to gather more information that will help it when it later protests in another forum. The establishment of a partnership agreement signed by all parties (i.e. contract agents, quality assurance evaluators, the programme office and contractors) creates a buy-in for the overall objective of satisfactory performance on time, within budget and without rights. The requirement for annual reviews effectively limits the duration of the agreement to one year, even if this is not explicitly stated. Government agreement, future contracts or orders to the there are three federal levels of protest. In descending order of costs and how deep you are: OK, it`s not too early to tell… Timeliness is key. A protest must be filed no later than 10 days after the announcement of the basis of the protest or should have been known.

If you don`t get it at this point, you won`t succeed, for whatever reason. If you wish to continue protesting, you must go to a higher level of protest (usually with the U.S. Federal Claims Court). There are some things that you can`t protest against at GAO. Among them, SKC, LLC (“SKC”), a clumsy, veteran-owned small business, questioned the attribution of the Defense Intelligence Agency`s (“DIA”)`s sole source to iKun, LLC (“iKun”), an Alaska Native Corporation, as part of the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) program 8(a). SKC was the contractor established under the original contract and the bridge contract that followed. SKC protested against the award of the new contract to iKun for two reasons. GAO accepted DIA and challenged the protest. 1.

Before adopting a decision under a basic agreement, in cases where concerns at that level cannot be resolved and a complaint is lodged with the Agency, the Agency shall be responsible for ensuring that the protests are resolved at a lower cost, informally, procedurally simple and expediting manner and, where appropriate, other dispute resolution techniques, neutral third parties, or even staff of another agency. Global SuperTanker Services, LLC (“GSTS”), a supplier of very large firefighting tankers, successfully challenged the terms of an invitation that excluded it from competition. The Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (the “Agency”) attempted to enter into a basic “call when need” contract with contractors for air transport services. Under a “call if necessary” agreement, the Agency would award contracts to one or more contractors, each of which would decide whether or not to accept the contract. This type of contract allows the Agency to have several contractors at its disposal to provide emergency fire services at predetermined rates. I hope to find concrete evidence to support an approach (i.e. an instrument of indefinite understanding or time limit). I have found cases where the VA has entered into commercial agreements of indefinite duration in the form of medical affiliation contracts that are then used to justify obtaining medical services. . .