Biid Concise Agreement For Interior Design Services Cid 14 Pdf

This is the first book that records the professional standard for the realization of an interior design project. Suitable for all interior designers, whether alone or as part of a design team, and for projects of all sizes, it provides instructions for every step of an order, from assessing customer requirements to convenient completion and payment. Designed to balance the most equitable risks between designer and client, it is suitable for a large number of projects, including commercial and national. In addition to planning services, it also offers the designer the opportunity to perform facility management services as an independent and impartial agent of the client, including monitoring the execution of work by others and the acquisition of furniture, furnishings and equipment (FF&E); or, as the client, take charge of simple work, decorations and/or the supply of FF&E. This new edition has been made even more user-friendly and is suitable for all but the most important and complex projects, in order to guarantee a fair and balanced relationship between the designer and the client. In short, clear and simple to use, the BIID Concise Agreement for Interior Design Services (CID/14) is a simplified version of the industry`s interior design form.