2002 Peace Agreement Sudan

Negotiations between the parties on the permanent ceasefire protocol were stalled at the round table held in Naivasha in July 2004. The parties failed to reach agreement on a number of issues, including the transfer of armed forces in eastern Sudan and the financing of the SPLM/A. Machakos protocol (20.07.2002) Published by USIP Library on 30 July 2002 Name of source: Text of the agreement published in a press release of 23 July 2002 on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, Washington, D.C. IGAD lead document “Secretariat on Peace in the Sudan”, Machakos Protocol, 20 July 2002. Source URL: www.sudanembassy.org/default.asp?page=viewstory&id=111 download date: July 29, 2002 3. The parties agreed that a peaceful and equitable solution based on Sudanese unity was their common goal and that a military solution was neither viable nor desirable. They agreed to discuss outstanding issues of state and religion, self-determination of the people of Southern Sudan, power-sharing, wealth sharing and human rights. The United Nations has closely followed and supported the regional peace initiative under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). Mr. Mohamed Sahnoun, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General, and other senior officials represented the United Nations at the IGAD summit meetings and conducted consultations with Governments and regional organizations in support of the peace process. They also participated in meetings of the IGAD Partners Forum, composed of donor countries and organizations that support the IGAD peace process and help the regional organization improve its capacity in several areas. It is also noted that, in this context, the parties have reached specific agreement on the right to self-determination for the people, State and religion of Southern Sudan, as well as on the preamble, principles and transition process of the draft framework, the initialled texts of which are attached to the present document and all of which will be incorporated into the Final Agreement at a later stage; To this end, the Government of Sudan and splm/A signed a document entitled “MACHAKOS PROTOCOL” – text below – and issued a joint communiqué – text below – in which they declared their objectives, principles and methods for achieving their common commitment to a peaceful and equitable comprehensive solution.