Quebec Teachers Collective Agreement Suspended

Education should continue if schools close. The necessary distance learning services are managed according to the needs of local students, in accordance with existing collective agreements. The negotiation process, which began in 2007, has never been easy. After years of discussions with the employer, the presence of a Ministry of Labour conciliator and the exemplary mobilization and solidarity of the members, the union was proud to conclude the negotiations. The agreement in principle submitted to the general meeting was found to be satisfactory for the union, the content of which corresponded exactly to the agreement reached with the employer at the end of October 2010. When changing custody involves travel to a health area where travel restrictions have been introduced, the parent must explain to the police that he or she is changing custody or exercising a right of access. Travel should be permitted, whether custody or access has been granted by court order or on the basis of an agreement. No no. Like teachers and all others with symptoms of COVID-19, students should stay home and determine whether to take a test using the self-assessment tool to assess their symptoms or by calling 1-877-644-4545. These resources indicate where a sample can be taken for a COVID-19 test. The location of the test sites depends on the organization of services in each region. “We understand that someone who receives an email and is told that their collective agreement no longer applies is panicked,” Sonia Ethier, president of the Quebec Centrale des Syndicates (CSQ), told The Canadian Press on Wednesday.

“They were told that all collective agreements would no longer apply if certain provisions, such as Z.B. On the morning of Thursday, March 19, 2020, the Canadian press was riddled with news that the Quebec government had suspended collective agreements in the public education sector. In its online edition, CTV Montreal has led the story COVID-19: Teachers of Quebec city in shock after the government suspends collective agreements. As has been reported in history, the president of the Centrale des Syndicates du Québec (CSQ) said that they were told that all their collective agreements will no longer apply when certain provisions are in place, such as emergency measures. You can use the Probate Assistance Service (HAS) to obtain this judgment after an agreement with your ex-spouse or family mediation. You can call a family mediator to facilitate discussion and work towards an agreement.