Opwdd Transformation Agreement

www.opwdd.ny.gov/transformation-agreement/home In order to support the transformation agreement, OPWDD will have access to additional funding and technical assistance through the federal government`s balancing investment program. The programme provides financial resources to states implementing structural reforms to facilitate access to long-term non-institutional assistance and services. OPWDD will also participate in the “Money Follows the Person-Demonstration” in New York, which provides federal financial assistance to individuals wishing to move from institutional environments to community organizations. In addition, New York State and CMS have identified a number of common goals that will improve the chances of people with disabilities in the areas of employment, integrated housing and self-orientation of services. These objectives are covered by a transformation agreement. OPWDD is committed to this: the Office of Persons with Disabilities has compiled a list of agencies providing services to people with disabilities. The Department of Health offers a daily stream of news on health issues in New York. The New York State Department of Health provides information about Medicaid and how to qualify and apply. .

· This strategy is effective until a year of cost experience is available for the now converted ICF/IID, which works like the IRA and is reflected in a base year used to set rates. . · For daily benefits outside the place of residence (off-site day services), funding levels equivalent to the corresponding reimbursement rates applicable at the time of switching and varying depending on the agency responsible for providing these services. Recommendations to set reimbursement levels for people in need of day care in the residence (“on-site day services” will be developed at a later date; However, conversion proposals for people who do not require home-based services should be pursued in accordance with this funding proposal. The latest U.S. government disability website offers comprehensive resources on how you can find services. It is friendly and specially designed for people with disabilities and their families. . On April 1, OPWDD submitted its first request for a waiver to the Federal Centers for Medicare – Medicaid Services (CMS). The submission of the People First Waiver is the culmination of two years of review, discussion and redesign of the system in collaboration with thousands of stakeholders. It will authorize the development and operation of development disability support and management organizations (DISCOs) recently approved in new York State`s 2013-2014 budget. A national non-profit organization that provides advocacy, education, information, technical assistance, law enforcement analysis and networking services for agencies that provide housing and assistance opportunities for people with disabilities and their families.

OPWDD has also worked closely with the CMS to develop reform initiatives that meet federal objectives and ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the system in the future.