Whatsapp Privacy Agreement

Place admissible lawsuits. If you decide not to apply the conciliation agreement, if your dispute is an excluded dispute, or if it turns out that the arbitration agreement is not applicable, you agree to be subject to the “Forum and Place” provisions of the “Dispute Settlement” section. Even if Article 7, paragraph 2, of Article 7 is satisfied, I wonder whether the request for approval on this specific subject cannot be “clearly distinguished from the other issues contained in the directive”. WhatsApp takes care of your privacy. WhatsApp`s privacy policy describes our privacy practices (including messages), including the types of information we receive and collect from you, and how we use and share that information. You accept our data practices, including the collection, use, processing and disclosure of your data, as described in our privacy policy, as well as the transfer and processing of your data to the United States and other countries in the world where we have or use institutions, service providers or partners. , no matter where you use our services. You recognize that the laws, regulations and standards of the country where your data is stored or processed may differ from those in your country. “Excluded Litigation” refers to all disputes relating to the application or infringement of your intellectual property or intellectual property rights (such as copyright, trademarks, domains, logos, commercial declarations, trade secrets and patents). For reasons of clarity and regardless of the above, litigation arising from or somehow your privacy and advertising rights is not excluded. With the entry into force of the RGPD, companies operating in Europe or with European users will have to comply with strict data protection standards and allow users to have more access and control over their data.

The law applies to companies such as Facebook, Google and more, which collect users` personal data. Under the new rules, users must be notified within 72 hours of the data breach.