Microsoft Csp Program Agreement

Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) regulates the CSP program and replaces existing MCRAs and MCDAs. The MPA is available in the Partner Center, so partners who choose to participate in the CSP program can verify and accept it. Is CSP a licensing program? No, it`s not just a licensing program. CSP is designed to provide you with your public microsoft subscriptions, p.B. Office365, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Azure and Dynamics CRM Online. But it`s more than a licensing platform. Within CSP, you have the same flexibility as microsoft directly, but you will receive a monthly bill from your partner for subscriptions (software) and services. Your CSP partner will provide you with mandatory 24-hour support. This means that CSP is more than “only” a licensing solution. Is it just for the cloud? Yes, yes. The Cloud Solution Provider program implies that it`s cloud only. In addition, it is only Microsoft Public Cloud. Office365, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online and other productivity solutions.

But also security like the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and Azure`s cloud platform services. Microsoft assumes no legal responsibility for the provision of services between acting parties and does not offer any mechanism for resolving partners to set legal terms through its trading platform. If the partners who act need additional legal conditions, they must execute an agreement directly. For example, if your company is only in the U.S., you can trade in the U.S. and you only have to enter the Partner Center once you enter the Partner Center and accept the MPA once in the U.S. If your company is based in the U.S. and Brazil, you must board the Partner Center and accept the MPA twice, once in the U.S. and once in Brazil, as these are 2 different CSP regional markets. However, if your company is based in the Africa region, you can transeminate in the CSP in the 18 countries of the African regional market, but you only have to enter the Partner Center once and accept the MPA, in one of these 18 countries. For more information on the CSP Regional Markets program, click here. To continue participating in the CSP program, you must sign the microsoft partnership agreement by January 31, 2020. The Partner Center reminds you that you can now easily sign the agreement at the Partner Center.

Indirect sales terms provide that Microsoft can terminate them without reason by notifying your company 30 days before the time limit is set aside. This notification is our written notification that Microsoft intends to terminate your contract without reason effective August 31, 2019. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement must be accepted by indirect resellers by November 1, 2020 to ensure that your ability to create new customers or abandon new orders for existing CSP customers is not disrupted. If you`ve migrated your MPN account to the Partner Center, you can sign up for the partner center dashboard. After registration, click on the “Show Your Partner Profile” link on the dashboard summary page. Your MPN status should be “active.” To view your MPN IDs and the corresponding positions, click the “Locations” link in the left navigation bar.