Civil Service Secondment Agreement

Different departments have different rules for appropriations and secondments, but there is strong support for them in the public service, so your management and staff department should be supportive. In these circumstances, it is up to the Department to decide whether the secondment can be facilitated, whether initiated by the relevant organization or by the person concerned. The decision depends primarily on the commercial needs of the department. If you have arranged your own loan or secondment, we would like to tell you your story. Please send us an email: Zoe Gruhn, CEO of the Institute for Government, says candidates should take the time to organize a secondment, both with their employer and with the host organization before leaving the office. Three years later, I still feel that my secondment to Full Fact is one of the best development opportunities I have ever had. That`s when I improved my writing style and learned how to present data in a simple but interesting and attractive way. Since then, I have been persuaded to challenge policy, the press and key colleagues with regard to the correct use and presentation of statistics, and this has allowed me to understand how think tanks and research institutes use data to inform policy developments. A loan or secondment is ideal if you identify a development need that you probably can`t earn as effectively in your own organization. If, in these circumstances, the Department is of the opinion that it may accept the detachment, the Department will engage in discussions with the Agency or the body to which the officer is seconded regarding the conditions of the detachment. Before you start the internship, you, the host organization and your home department, you agree on the terms of the detachment.

This implies that the process can not only highlight strengths, but also weaknesses that need employment before a promotion is likely. A report by the Institute for Employment Studies concludes: “Not only does detachment teach new skills, but it also exposes the worker to the idea that there are skills for which they are insufficient.” I joined the public service in 2012 and my first two posts as statisticians were at the Department of Transport (DfT) at Westminster. Both roles focused on the production of statistics and both did not have much political commitment. After two years at DfT, I thought it was high time I spread my wings and steal the nest. Public servants who wish to increase their career prospects no longer need to wait for an internal vacancy notice to take a step forward. But how can they turn a delegation into a promotional perspective when they return to their old office? She accepted a part-time transfer that helped her maintain a relationship with the LGA, but this proved to be a difficult balance. “A part-time secondment was much more difficult than I expected,” she admits, “in part because you don`t really feel sedentary in either organization. Managing workloads has been difficult. “At the time, there was a sense that the detachment was not a good thing,” says Lisa Middleton, seconded to the police by a local government communications team and has since joined a leadership role in the housing sector.