Btnet Service Level Agreement

In some cases, sites may have a significant distance from local BT Ethernet PoP. In this case, the cost of leased lines will be significantly increased. Other products and solutions available are EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and GEA (Generic Ethernet Access). These products are not based on Ethernet and therefore offer lower bandwidth, although the services remain symmetrical. No diversity option is available as a marginal remark. The EFM and the GEA are therefore often viable for rural sites. All BTNet switching costs are generated by the zip code relative to the distance from your local BTNet PoP and the bandwidth required with variety and optional extras like security. Distance from PoP is the most efficient element, the more your tail circuit (the connection between your website and BT provided by Openreach), the higher your costs. This applies to all service providers of leased lines and not just to BT.

BTNet`s installation fee is currently free, subject to investigation. Openreach covers the first $2800 in excessive construction costs if additional work is required to install your circuit. Service Level Guarantees: Performance Incentives (PDF, 378.2 KB) There are several other ISPs that resell BT`s infrastructure at the fraction of the price, while retaining the quality service you will receive from BT. So if you`re looking for a great brand that`s been there for a while and has a good reputation, go for a BTnet leasing line, but if you`re looking for a better deal with a lesser known supplier that`s just as serious. Look elsewhere. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are part of trade agreements and define the obligation for a provider to provide services in an agreed quality, for example.B. within a specified time frame. Level Guarantees Services (SLGs) determine the amount of compensation to which the Client would be entitled if the service is not provided in the quality indicated in the ALS, for example. B if delivery of the Service has been delayed.

Together, they are therefore essential elements of any commercial contract, as they encourage the provider to provide its service at an appropriate level of service.